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Yoshitaka Amano Compete Set W/ 3 PRINTS, OG BOOK & COA! FINAL FANTASY!

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For sale, we have an ultra rare 3 prints + the original compilation book from Yoshitaka Amano, one of the main illustrators to the Final Fantasy franchise! The set is truly for a hardcore collector and includes every single image imaginable from the Final Fantasy series! This is like the holy grail of Final Fantasy books.

This extremely rare compilation and artwork set are limited to only 100 pieces in the world. Each piece of the set are all the exact same numbered edition! So all four pieces (3 prints, and the book) are the same number out of 100! As well the original COA is included for its provenance to guarantee its authenticity. To our knowledge, we are the only ones in the world selling this complete set in box! 

This book has super high quality, high resolution photographs of his Final fantasy works until 2001, it has a personalized message from Yoshitaka Amano to the owners of this compilation set, the names of all the artwork, and so much more. This book is very large and the quality is second to none. It is essentially one of the rarest historical book of reference for the Final Fantasy series, if not the rarest. It’s truly incredible. The large red outer case holds the entire set in it. So it can be very safely preserved or transported if need be. As mentioned before there are three prints included in this set along with the book. One of the prints is beautifully framed and the other two are very carefully preserved in a specialty hard case folder with acid free preserving paper in-between the two prints. Regarding the condition, we consider this artwork used in good condition however we have painstakingly taken over 20 high resolution photographs of this piece trying to capture all of it. Please note that the photos are truly the final judgement of this pieces overall condition. We see on one print there is a bit of spotting near the bottom but not actually on the illustration itself and the inner book has a couple minor scuff. We attached a photo for reference.

As with all of our pieces, we are pricing this extremely competitively. This piece will only go up in value every year and will be priced accordingly to reflect the markets current value so it may increase over time.

Again there are only 100 of these in the worlds, and many are not complete anymore and a couple are featured in museums for display. We do not know if we will ever have one of these again, or if there will ever be another one complete set for sale so please bare this in mind.


What’s included:

3 Prints – 1 Framed, each limited to 100 all signed by Yoshitaka Amano

1  Art Book – Limited to 100 – Highest Quality resolution photos on professional grade paper and signed by Yoshitaka Amano

1 inner red case – for the two other prints 

1 inner white folder – its an insert for the inner red case to protect the two prints as well.

1 outer red case – To hold everything – is numbered as well out of 100 and the number matches all four pieces

1- Original outer card board box – numbered as well to match the same edition number that is on all four pieces

1- COA with envelope – To verify its provenance and guarantee it’s authentic and matches the number of all four pieces

We will have another couple rare flag ship pieces of art coming up from Mr. Yoshitaka Amano shortly. Only found here at Final Fortunes, where we will continue to provide you a selection of the rarest Final Fantasy collectibles in the entire world, all while focusing on giving back to charity in Japan and our FF community. Please stay tuned and thank you for checking out our listings. 


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