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First off we’d like to give an absolute special thank you to our Final Fortunes VIP collectors. Each and every one of you that has made a purchase with us has made a real difference in our company, our community, and charity in Japan. We would not be here today with this special website without your support. Your continued patronage has allowed us to continue to bring something rare and fun for everyone and we appreciated your loyalty, your kind words of encouragement, and wonderful reviews. We just wanted to extended our gratitude and let you know how much you are all appreciated. We have many more exciting things planned for you all later this year, so please stay tuned!

We also like to take this opportunity to do a special thanks to some other very important people that I know have made a difference in all of our lives. Here are three incredible individuals we would like to give a send our heartfelt gratitude to, who have made such a tremendous impact to what we all hold so precious. 

The countless hours, days, months, years, we’ve all spent enjoying their beautiful music, stunning imagery, or captivating stories. Thank you so much for providing these precious core memories to us and all of your fans across the world. When any of these master view our website, please reach out, as we have a gift prepared for each of you as a special thank you.

Hironobu Sakaguchi

This man needs no to introduction but will surely receive one. Born in the year 1962 in Hitachi, Ibaraki Japan, we have the king. He is the founder and creator of Final Fantasy! Without him we would not have been able to enjoy this incredible series. He also was the executive director for the first five Final Fantasy games. Interesting fact, did you know that Squaresoft was actually going out of business and Hironobou had an idea… to create a JRPG to save the company, known as… Final Fantasy, then the rest was history 😉 Thank you Hironobu from the bottom of our heart. He saved the company and created this beloved series. We will always be eternally grateful to you.

Nobuo Uematsu

Born on March 21, 1959 in Kochi Kochi prefecture Japan. Nobuo is the master composer behind most of the music we have enjoyed in the FF series. Truly the series would not be what it is today without him. Mr. Uemastu starting working with Squaresoft back in 1985 and shortly after worked on the Original Final Fantasy with Mr. Sakaguchi. Little did we know what these incredible masters had in store for us in 1987…

We remember hearing FFVIII Blue fields for the first time. We could not believe a video game had such beautifully orchestrated music rather than just an artificial computer sound. We were immediately drawn to his positive energy and gift for sound. We have spent countless years listening to his incredible melodies. Whether it was during our greatest moments of success or worst defeats, we have always found comfort in your music. We can identify almost every single songs by name or melody that you have created from the Final Fantasy series. Meeting you was one of the greatest moments of our life. We humbly thank you for the many masterpieces you have created and hope that we have an opportunity to meet you once again and connect.

Yoshitaka Amano

Born on March 26, 1952 in Shozuka, Shozuka prefecture Japan. Mr. Amano has always been drawn to artistry. I wanted to share a special moment in history with you all that many may not know. Any true fan of Amano will appreciate this. A true defining moment in history.

While Mr. Amano was on Holidays during middle school in Tokyo, he stayed at his friend Ippei’s house. During that time they talked about being incredible artists and meeting famous illustrators of Manga. Then when the summer holiday was almost over while still in Tokyo, Amano wanted to go see a special, but established animation company called Tatsunoko Production. However, when he arrived on the last day of summer, it was closed so his friend and he couldn’t go. The caretaker suggested they come back next week when school break was over. Believe it or not Amano then decided to actually skip his first day of class for the following year of school! With his mothers blessing of course because she knew is was his passion. He then went to Tatsunoko Production on the first day of school and met with the art department. What was even more incredible is they both decided to bring along sketches of their own work to this production company. Sure enough, they managed to get in to the production studio and during that time they asked to examine Amano’s work. He then returned back to school in Shizuoka. Weeks later right before his tests, would you believe it he received a letter from Tatsunoko Production saying how they admired his work and wanted to hire him on. Next thing he knew he was working on the very same anime Speed Racer that he was watching being created before his very eyes originally as a manga. It’s because of this Amano believes he was able to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist!

Wow can you imagine? Had he not made the effort to travel where his dreams were, has he not skipped school for one day with his friend, has he not brought those sketches with him… It’s a true story to never give up on your dreams and always think big.

In 1987, a very important year as well all know. He started working with Squarenix formally Squaresoft on a very new JRPG project called Final Fantasy, anyone ever heard of it? Nine years later and Mr. Amano was in 1996 the highest paying artists in the world who earning a whooping 40,000,000 USD! It’s so wonderful to see him get the recognition he deserves. What’s also special is that he always wanted to travel to New York and study in New York. And now because of his success he has a studio in new York right where he always wanted! Truly well done making your dreams a reality, and sharing your gifts with the world. Thank you!

Special Thanks To The Artists Involved:

Tylor Hepner, Michael VolpicelliTracy S.,  Akira Asahime, Lena J., and Aya Panta!

Finally, a very special thank you to each and every person who has contributed towards this special series. If you have contributed to the development of the series, in what ever capacity, from any game. Please feel free to contact us, showing your position from the company and what you have done, and as a way of special thanks, we will send you a small gift. It’s because of each and every one of you we are here today sharing our gifts and passion. Thank you all for stopping by and please spread the word to other fans and collector who may appreciate this. 

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