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About Final Fortunes

Welcome one and all to Final Fortunes! It comes with absolute joy and pleasure after two years of working behind the scenes to announce to you my company, Final Fortunes. Here, we specialize in selling the rarest vintage Final Fantasy collectibles! With each sale, we give back to disaster relief charity in Japan where Final Fantasy was created. This way collectors can feel good about not only getting the best possible price on treasures, but knowing they are giving back to Japan and supporting our FF community as a whole. If you are a real FF fan, we can proudly say that you have just discovered one of the rarest Final Fantasy stores in the world. And that’s not all we do…

Here at Final Fortunes our core values are to procure these rare treasures for collectors, give back to our FF community, and create and catalogue the rarest photos of collectibles for fans viewing pleasure. We do this by commissioning FF artists from across the world for artwork, this way, others that have a passion for FF like we do, are supported in the endeavours and in reaching you all with their gifts. We also take a lot of time to upload high quality, high resolution, professional photos of Final Fantasy collectibles for everyone. This way fans from all over the world have an opportunity to see these rare treasures. Finally, we provide a secure storefront for collectors to safely purchase authentic and very limited edition collectibles, some even one of a kind. So by doing this, we document, curate, and ensure accurate information is kept for all of us, all while giving back to our community.

We will also do free giveaways soon, so this way Final Fantasy fans who may not be in the position to afford something but are true hard core fans, have an opportunity to win something treasured to them. Additionally, we are a curator of some of the rarest Final Fantasy items in the world and are working hard to maintain and preserve these pieces. We also do procurement of Final Fantasy collectibles. Looking for a rare Final Fantasy statue? Or a limited Edition piece of art work? Maybe even an original? Reach out to us through our specialty order form and we will be happy to work with you to locate something important.

As mentioned, here at Final Fortunes we are so much more than a company, we are a unique community, a specialized data base, a epic store, and a place where Final Fantasy fans from around the world can come and enjoy. We are so excited to meet each and every one of you and share our love for the series.

We have carefully selected less than half a dozen groups to be a part of and share our content with on FB as well as sharing our content on IG. There is no one else in the world that will be taking the time to upload so many high quality photos of the rarest Final Fantasy treasures in the world, all while focusing on giving back to our FF community, and charity in Japan.

Know that personally, I am a die hard Final Fantasy fan who has mastered 1-12, played many others, and this game has made a huge impact on my life. So much so that I sacrificed everything to create an entire company just to give back to fans like you and I. So if you are a fan, please consider sharing our page or even telling a friend who would appreciate seeing us. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart as we are working around the clock to give back so much more than we take and your support means everything to us.

I once again welcome you to our gallery, our company, our community, Final Fortunes. Thank you again for stopping by. Stay tuned, and may the crystals guide your path.


Spencer M. – Curator

Masterpieces Of Art Collection

Here we have a special appreciation page. For your viewing pleasure we have many incredible pieces of artwork. All of these artists are FF fans like you and I who have a true love the series and had it impact their lives greatly. As mentioned before, we are always looking at unique ways to give back to our community and this is one we feel really good about doing. As it’s bringing us all together and sharing something positive that we all love.

Quality Guarantee

Every piece we sell at our store is guaranteed to be authentic. Not only are we FF specialists but we are licensed graduates from the GIA as well and legally obligated to operate in good faith. We pride ourselves on exceptional service for our clients which can evidently seen through our interactions in our community, charity, and on social media. We are also a licensed business here in Ontario Canada as well. All of our reviews are 100% authentic and verified. Thank you.

Here at Final Fortunes, we transcend the boundaries of being a mere company. We are a thriving community, an exclusive repository of knowledge, an extraordinary emporium, and a gathering place for Final Fantasy enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Our team is brimming with excitement as we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you and share our profound adoration for the beloved series.

We invite you to delve into a world where passion meets purpose, where camaraderie intertwines with the pursuit of exquisite artifacts, and where the vibrant tapestry of Final Fantasy is celebrated with unparalleled zeal. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we illuminate the beauty and significance of these treasures, igniting a flame of enchantment that reverberates across our global community.

Spencer M.

GIA Alumni

Expert Team

Spencer’s autobiography reveals a lifelong pursuit of treasures and a deep passion for the realms of archaeology, gemology, and rare collectibles from Japan. His academic journey commenced at the esteemed University of Toronto, where he dedicated himself to the study of Archaeological Science and International Business. It was during these formative years that his love for unearthing hidden gems and exploring the intricacies of the past took root.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Spencer furthered his education in the field of gemology, earning his Diamond Essentials Certificate from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the enchanting world of diamonds and a solid foundation for his future endeavors.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Spencer’s passion for the Final Fantasy franchise took him on countless immersive adventures through the iconic gaming series. His dedication and skill led him to master almost every installment, immersing himself in the imaginative worlds and forming connections with esteemed game developers along the way. These experiences instilled in him a profound appreciation for the artistry and storytelling that shape the realm of gaming.

Spencer’s diverse achievements extend beyond academia and gaming. Notably, he achieved the remarkable feat of securing the highest number of votes in the history of the University of Toronto’s UC Literary and Athletic Society as a first-year representative, exemplifying his adeptness in financial matters and budget management.

With his multifaceted background and expertise, Spencer is poised to curate a truly exceptional collection at Final Fortunes, combining his knowledge of gemology, archaeology, and rare Japanese collectibles. His unwavering passion for treasures, honed skills, and extensive connections within the gaming industry make him an invaluable asset to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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