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Final Fantasy VIII 8 Squall Balamb Garden Vintage Officially licensed! Square!


Condition: Mint Condition Shirt Original tags Still attached!

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For sale, we have a very limited and in mint condition with original tags, vintage Final Fantasy VIII Balamb Garden T-shirt! This shirt is by far one of the coolest vintage shirt we have carried and we are going to be adding more vintage FF shirts online soon!

This collectible treasure is limited to only a couple hundred worldwide making it extremely rare. It’s officially licensed by Squaresoft and made back in 1998! The original tags have a bit of discoloration on them but that’s completely common to see given the age of the piece. This vintage T-shirt has never been worn and as mentioned, the original tags are still attached to it, making it a real collector’s piece!

The T-Shirt is classified as a universal M-L size. 

Balamb Garden is one of the most iconic symbols in FF8. You can almost hear its theme song playing in the background with this one! How many of us levelled up for hours in the training arena? Remember to get Quakes early on from the T-Rex there. It does wonders for your str junction with Ifrit and makes short work of X-ATM092 😉 

Please note, other stores that sell shirts are selling used shirt, with no tags, or newer shirts from Uniqlo 35th anniversary which are nowhere near the value of these collector’s items. All of our shirts we sell at Final Fortunes are vintage premium shirts, most that were made in small quantities back in the 1990’s and are no longer available. Additionally, almost every shirt we sell still has the original tags which really increases the value as collector’s item. Thank you for checking our out listings!


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