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Final Fantasy Chrome Figure Statue FF6 VI Kappa! Very rare! Complete in box!

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For auction we have a very very rare Final Fantasy VI Kappa vintage chrome figure statue complete in box with paperwork! This piece is limited to 3000 pieces worldwide only! These statues were also only available in Japan originally and are no longer in production making it that much more rare! Each statue is marked with their numbered edition below on the bronze plate. The attention to detail on this figure is amazing. You’ll notice they are stamped on the back for authenticity purposes with “Square” for Squaresoft before they became Square Enix officially. Kappa is a secret character that could only be created after collecting the specific imp gear and equipping it to your character. It’s a pretty cool koodos to him making the statue, don’t you think?


The chrome figures are one of the first rare pieces we ever discovered many years ago and it was very exciting when we did. We are certain that this statue will make a perfect addition to someone collection. We have such a love for FF6 and the detail on Kappa is sure to spark joy for others fans as well. If you are looking for a rare collectible for yourself or something special for another Final Fantasy fan, this is it! Also, note that Kappa is one of the rarest chrome figures due to it’s constant scarcity on the market and overall popularity. FF6 chrome statues really don’t stay on the market for long. Currently there are no others available on eBay or anywhere. If you are interested please do not hesitate as we do not know when we will get another like him!

The condition is very good to excellent considering its age. As mentioned briefly before this vintage chrome figure statue comes complete with box, inner original packaging, certificate of authenticity, and of course, an authentic Kappa chrome figure statue! The inner packaging has some wear but that’s actually completely common because when Square first made these statues, they made these carboard inner packaging that are pre-bent, that are very prone to wear and tear when you just take the statue out or put in. Unless you are super careful and no how to remove them 99% of the chrome figure inner carboard upper packaging pieces are always slightly damaged or bent. It’s just from natural age and having be taken out of the box.

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