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Final Fantasy 8 VIII Polo T-shirt! Vintage made by Square w/original Tags! RARE!

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For auction we have a rare Final Fantasy VIII Vintage polo t-shirt! This beautiful and very rare Limited edition T-shirt shirt made back when Square Enix was still Square Soft back in 1998! Its in such nice condition, close to mint. It even still has the original tags on it! It’s not often we find a vintage shirt in such excellent condition, let alone with the original tags still attached!

It’s made of 100% cotton as listed on the shirt itself. It features the famous Rinoa Angel wings wrapped around the Final Fantasy VIII logo. It’s a signature design of FFVIII franchise and the logo is embroidered into the shirt for quality and longevity!  What’s also interesting is that this design has been so popular that Final Fantasy Franchise that Final Fantasy Distant worlds actually incorporated this into their logo!

It’s really beautifully made, we will be attempting to take more photos of some of our apparel to make sure you can see all the detailed craftsmanship as the lightening can be tricky. If you are looking for a original Limited Edition FF8 shirt with style, look no further! You will not see another one of these around!

Also please note that the lighting is challenging for apparel with our current set up and the pictures may show a slight difference in tones. The polo T-shirt is one crisp white colour, even if it looks slightly different in some photos. There are no sun stains or anything on this shirt. We are constantly working on figuring out the best way to display all of our collectables. Please bare with us as we continue to improve and update each of our listings to provide you with the most accurate photographs and descriptions. If you require anymore photos for confirmation or verification, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will be happy to provide them. We stand by our products and know that this T-shirt is quite the piece and that it’s photos currently do not do it give a full representation of its beauty. 

Keep an eye out as we will be carrying more limited edition vintage Final Fantasy T-shirts and other unique apparel! Found only here at Final Fortunes!!! Thank you for checking our listings!

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