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Vampire D Hunter Portrait

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For sale with our gallery we have a very rare piece from the Master Yoshitaka Amano. This highly sought after treasure is from one of the famous series Mr. Amano worked on which is Vampire D hunter.

In the portrait “Crimson Resolve: The Defiant Hunter,” the main character of Vampire D Hunter is brought to life with captivating intensity. Cloaked in shadows, the enigmatic protagonist stands with an air of mystery and determination. Dressed in a flowing crimson cape, his pale complexion and piercing gaze reflect a relentless pursuit of justice. The intricate detailing of his curved sword symbolizes his lethal prowess in battling the forces of darkness. This evocative artwork captures the essence of D, leaving viewers entranced by the enigmatic world of the vampire hunter.

This rare piece is available exclusive at Final Fortunes.

The artwork is near mint to mint condition with only a very few faint scratches on the frame. The canvas is carefully protected and held in place by the frame and matting to preserve its condition which is often the case for rare work such as this. It’s in such amazing condition to find a piece from so long along and so well taken care of. The original owner actually stored in in their antiquity vault so it had very minimal air exposure.

You see mid right on the characters shoulder Mr. Amanos signature as well as his signature on the back side and the year 1995 in which is was produced.

We have many more exciting pieces coming up. Thank you for checking out our listing.

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