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BLEACH ANIME 925 Silver Ring Third Squad captain – Ichimaru Gin! SO RARE! OG!!!

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For auction we have a rare BLEACH ANIME 925 Silver Ring Third Squad captain – Ichimaru Gin! It’s limited to only a couple thousand pieces worldwide and is no longer in production. So if you are trying to find one of these, look no further than Final Fortunes! 😉

Bleach Anime if you do not know is one of the greatest Animes of all time, comparable to Naruto, Princess Mononoke, Akira, Esca Flowne, Spirit Away and Dragon Ball Z. If you know, you know. Now here’s the juicy part. Bleach anime was unfortunately cut off about over a decade ago and was not able to be completed, even after all of its success. However after a decade of long awaited patience, Bleach Anime is finally making a return on OCTOBER 10th, 2022! So because this special anime is returning we are certain some long awaited fans will be looking far and wide for rare items from Bleach! As the Anime returns we are certain they will make new jewelry however the pieces we sell are the rare old school pieces worth a lot more and extremely limited in production.

This ring is the famous symbol for the infamous third squad captain, Ichimaru Gin of the 12 squad captains! This ring is officially licensed and made by a specialty company that collaborates with popular animes such as Naruto and now Boruto. It is made of solid silver.

We are going to continue to carry some rare vintage Bleach and Naruto merchandise, real collectors pieces you never knew even even created but are so interesting and very limited in production! Stamped on the inside of the ring for authenticity you can see its made of silver and officially licensed with the copy right “k/s’t’d’p'” for the company that creates and licensed the jewelry in Japan. That same stamp is often seen across many pieces of rare jewelry. Its a sure sign you are getting an authentic piece from a limited edition anime jewelry. 

It’s Condition is Open box new, with the original inner and outer box included making this piece a complete set. You wont find one in better condition! Thank you for checking out our listings, we will definitely be adding more vintage Bleach Anime merchandise, please keep an eye out!

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in


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