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Final Fantasy V Original Oil Painting Yoshitaka Amano Bound For Dawn FF5 RARE!

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Company Name: Final Fortunes


Item: Original Final Fantasy V Oil Painting Entitled “ Bound for Dawn” by the famous illustrator Yoshitaka Amano.


Item Description

For your viewing pleasure and currently for sale on eBay and soon our private gallery. We have one of the rarest images from Final Fantasy, an original piece of artwork from the master Yoshitaka Amano! One of the main key illustrators of the Final Fantasy franchise. This particular piece is featured from the famous Final Fantasy V series. This image is entitled Bound for Dawn. This piece was produced back in 1994 when the the game was first released in North America on the SNES.

The artwork depicts Bartz Aka Butz and Lenna the main characters of the game riding on the fabled sacred chocobo. There are very few pieces of artwork from FFV however this image is one of the top 2 most famous images from this particular FF!

One of the distinctive features of this piece is that Bartz is actually outlined in gold paint. It was very hard to try and pick this up with the camera while not showing the reflection of the frame. We will attempt a few more photos to try and catch this as it’s really unique and definitely adds value to the piece. Some of Mr. Amanos most prized pieces are made with either gold paint or pressed gold foil.

This oil on canvas is signed at the bottom right of this piece with his signature. Additionally, Yoshitaka Amano has signed the back of the artwork with both his Japanese and English signature. You can see a nice crisp defining signature, true to Mr. Amano in our attached photos.

For this piece in particular we do not have a CoA, however that is not uncommon with pieces such as old as this one. It can easy be verified visually by any expert online to be his true works. We have already carefully inspected it ourselves and verified it. As well we purchased it from a reputable art gallery in Japan.

Additionally we are a licensed business here in Ontario Canada and we are Final Fantasy experts and curators of some of the rarest FF collectibles in the world, this is what we do, so please bid with confidence. We have been studying Mr. Amanos work for almost 8 years now and have about 25 years experience with almost every single Final Fantasy ever created. We spent 2 years just preparing to open our company to be able to show case rare treasures such as these for you all. That is how much we care about our collectors. We have 100% positive feedback on eBay, and not just in the past 12 months but since 2011, we have never once had a single negative review on eBay since our account was created. On top of that we are honoured to say that most of our VIP collectors have contacted us to locate more pieces so we are really on the forefront of our FF community and deliver a very high level of excellence with repeat clientele. Thank you.






This artwork is a medium size. All measurements are approximate and in inches.

23″ L x  20″ W  – Outer Frame

18″ L x  15″ W  – Inner artwork

The depth of the piece including the frame is approximately 2.35 inches





Artwork = Excellent

Frame = Good – Very good 


This oil on canvas is generally in very good condition just like our other FF3 piece Twin Swords that currently listed. Most of the frame is in excellent. The corners do have some wear on and around them with a few scratches but they are on the top and bottom of the frame and not really visible. This is something that is very common to see in older pieces with some wear. We have uploaded the maximum amount of photos allotted on and have many more should a serious buyer wish to view them. 

Please note while we do our best to describe the condition the artwork, the photos are the Final judgment of this items overall condition so please bid/ purchase understanding this. Thank you.


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