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Final Fantasy 8 VIII Vintage Lexon Watch w/case! Only 250 WORLD WIDE! SO RARE!!!

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For auction we have a Final Fantasy VIII Lexon Vintage Clock. This is an extremely rare vintage clock produced by Lexon for Final Fantasy VIII (8) and it is no longer available. These were limited to only a couple hundred worldwide over 20 years ago, making this an extremely valuable collector’s item! It is very high quality and features the Final Fantasy VIII logo right on the front. This is such a unique piece and something you will not see often, and it’s extremely limited in production. It such a nice display piece for a true collector!

Please note we are unsure if the clock is operational however, we have not taken it apart as we do not want to risk damaging it. Given its overall excellent condition and that the arms wind perfectly, it would strongly suggest that this clock is operational however we cannot guarantee that it functions so please bear that in mind prior to bidding. Also please note that the outer leather case has quite a bit of wear and cracking, however it does protect the mantel clock perfectly for travel. The photos are the final judgement of the items overall condition. Thank you.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 1.77 in


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