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Final Fantasy 8 VIII Pin Set! Limited Edition! Vintage! Collectable! Super Rare!

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Condition: Used
The Collectors pin set is in very good to excellent condition. There are a few minor scuffs on the .

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For Auction we have a beautiful limited edition Final fantasy VIII Collectors pin set. This pin set is limited to 10,000. As with all of our collectibles listed, we blur the edition number out for security and authenticity purposes. Rest assured, this item is an original. 

The pin set features some of our favourite and most iconic images from Final fantasy VIII. The first image is of Squall Leonhart with his gunblade. The second image is one quite unique we appreciate great, the Balamb garden symbol done with great attention to detail. You can almost hear the music to Balamb garden when seeing this. Next we have squall standing tall with his gunblade. Finally and last but not least we have Griever, also known as the Sleeping Lion Heart, a sacred image with Final Fantasy. The set also includes a badge in the display case showing the edition number. Its quite a beautiful set and a great piece to add to any Final Fantasy VIII fan! 

Please note that only the pins set is included with the purchase. There is no box or paper work included with this item. Sometimes we do come across this set with the full original box and paperwork. Prices for this item will reflect the condition as well as what’s included, vs current market value. Thank you

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in


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