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Final Fantasy 8 Collectors Quadra Fold Organizer! Rare Collaboration Project!Condition: Used

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Condition: Used

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For auction we have a Final Fantasy 8 Quadra fold organizer. Lets start with the beautiful iconic Sleeping Lion Heart logo on the front of the organizer, its definitely a favoured image and one of the most iconic featured images of Final Fantasy 8. This in an exciting piece as it has more pockets and compartments then meets the eye. It has a total of 14 different compartments or slots to put items in, yes 14! It has a waterproof holder for a map, card carry on’s, a mesh storage compartment and so much more. The bag converts from a single strap bag to double strap bag, to side clip on for your belt. A pocket for your phone, and charger, as well as a detachable debit and credit card holder. This exclusive Final Fantasy piece was made in collaboration with the “Manhattan Passage” product and limited in production. We love pieces such as this that they truly display pieces from our collection you will not find anywhere else. The organizer is approximately 24 cm long by 18cm wide with a depth of 4-5cm. This is a perfect piece to add to any true Final fantasy Collectors set. This piece was made approximately 20-25 years ago and certainly no longer available. We do not know when we will have another like this in stock, if at all.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in


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