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Final Fantasy 8 VIII Squall and Bahamut Kotobukiya Cold cast Limited Edition!!!

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Excellent condition with minor hidden wear

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Item Description

For auction with Final Fortunes we have a very rare and in excellent condition, a Final Fantasy VIII (8) Squall & Bahamut Cold Cast Resin Statue made by Kotobukiya. This statue is Limited to only 2500 World wide! It was made back in the 1990’s when Square Enix was originally Square soft. They made six different statues for Final Fantasy VIII collection, each very unique. There is Squall with Bahamut, Seifer with Odin, Selphie & Quistis with Leviathan, Zell & Irvine with Diablos, and finally Rinoa with Siren. They are all stunning and we hope to bring you more soon! 

This piece is complete with everything included! It has the original box, the original Styrofoam packaging, the certificate of authenticity, even the cellophane plastic wrap for the certificate as well as the original foam wrapping for the figure itself. Everything is original!



There is a bit of wear under the base under Squalls foot and the entry point where the Squall’s foot attaches to the rest of the statue. Both are not visible when the statue is assembled which is a major plus. It is also extremely common to see this wear on the hidden prongs where the statue rests as these pieces are over 20 years old and not many of them even remain close to this condition or at all! Please see attached photos for reference. The overall condition of the statue minus this very minor wear hidden is immaculate. Any true collector who is looking for a real show case piece, a treasured item from Final Fantasy VIII should look no further, this is it!

The outer box is also in excellent condition with only a little wear near the tab and the top where it opens. Again it’s very natural to see this kind of wear from someone opening the box. As well the box is in such good condition you can even see the shine on the cardboard as it has not been in direct sunlight. Thank you for viewing this auction.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 9 in


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