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Final Fantasy 7 VII Sephiroth – “Sharpen” by Yoshitaka Amano Artwork E.D. 1/40!

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“Please see listing photo for condition”

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Item Description


For your viewing pleasure and currently for sale on eBay and our private gallery. We have quite literally one the rarest images in the entire Final Fantasy art world. It’s featured from the famous Final Fantasy 7 series and all across the most famous books of Mr. Amanos. This is absolutely one of the most iconic characters from the entire Final Fantasy franchise. This image is of Sephiroth, the arch nemesis of the main character Cloud. With his famous Samurai sword, Masamune.

The special edition canvas artwork is highly sought after as this game has sold over 5 millions copies world wide but has made very few actual licensed prints or lithographs. 

What makes this piece so unique is its from the Ken-shan special edition and limited to only 40 pieces in the world! Additionally, while we normally do not disclose the edition number, we are making a special exception for this rare treasure. The reason for this is because the edition number is 1. Yes, that correct. Final Fortunes is proud to currently be the curator of this incredible 1st edition treasure! We have the original box, the original paperwork, and the original CoA as well! The art work is in excellent condition with close to no signs of wear except on the frame. There also a special custom made letter for this rare print included with the COA pressed in silver foil! Truly the crème of the crop with this one.

It is signed at the bottom right of the lithograph by, Yoshitaka Amano, as well as it is numbered on the bottom lower left hand corner. Again in this rare instance we are disclosing the number to show that it is in fact edition number 1/40. 

A certificate of authenticity is included to verify the provenance. Also, the inner box that will be shipped with it is also the original box that it was shipped in when first sealed by the manufacturer, which is a nice bonus for collectors.

This artwork is colossal and because of this is very hard to produce. It’s important to understand the amount of work required to create a piece so large as it would not be compared to that say of standard size A4 piece of artwork. It requires specialty shipping and will be handled through our private shipping company. We also allow local pick up so say if someone in the the Ontario region they may contact us and we can edit the shipping options for local pick up for this large piece.


All measurements are approximate and in inches, than you.

Original Box: 44.5″L x 33.25″W x 2.75″D

Artwork including frame: 43″L x 32.25″W x 1.75″D

Artwork without frame: 35.5″L x 24.25″W x 1″ D  


Please note while we do our best to describe the condition of the artwork, the photos are always the Final judgement of this items overall condition so please bid/ purchase understanding this. We painstakingly took more than 24 high resolution photos and uploaded the maximum amount of photos allowed by eBay in order to ensure accuracy with the condition and description. We also have additional photos that may be supplied to serious buyers. Thank you.

Lithograph = Excellent – NM

Frame = Good – Very good

Please note there is a little bit of wear on the corners however they look as if they can be gently and professionally cleaned to bring out the natural wood color. Additionally, there is a little bit of wear on the protective glass on the bottom, it look like 1-2 small scratches. We took magnified photos in order to see the scratches as they are barely visible as well and hard to capture. Most importantly, the artwork itself is in excellent to near mint condition with no visible signs of wear.

The edition number on the box of course matches the edition number #1 on the paper work and the artwork itself making it CIB included with COA. This piece is truly one of our flag ship pieces. It’s impossible to come across another as this really is the rarest piece of Sephiroth out there. If you are looking for a piece of Final Fantasy history, something to treasure or pass down from generations to generation, something that will absolutely go up in value over time, this is it. 

We will continue to work hard to locate other special pieces of artwork that are the number 1 editions as well. You’ll notice we actually have some incredible original piece of artwork from Mr. Amano for sale already and many more as we continue to grow. Thank you for viewing this incredibly treasure.


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