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Final Fantasy XI 925 Silver Ring Limited Edition ~San d’ Orian Ring ~ Discontinued! Super rare!

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Introducing the remarkable Limited Edition Final Fantasy XI 925 Silver Ring, known as the “San d’Orian Ring.” As the curator of Final Fortunes, your premier destination for rare and limited edition Final Fantasy collectibles, we are delighted to present this extraordinary piece to our discerning collectors.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this limited edition ring weighs 12.15 grams and is made of 925 silver, ensuring its exceptional quality and durability. The ring is a size 19 in Japan and a size 9 in the US, offering a comfortable fit for Final Fantasy enthusiasts around the world.

Accompanied by its original outer casing, inner box, and a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA), this ring embodies the essence of exclusivity and authenticity. The inscription in the center of the ring proudly reads “the Kingdom of San d’Oria,” paying homage to the majestic realm within Final Fantasy XI. On the inside of the band, you will find the distinctive stamp “SV 925” which stands for “Silver 925” and the copyright symbol “© S.E.” denoting its official Square Enix approval.

This limited edition Ring is a true treasure for passionate Final Fantasy collectors, capturing the essence of the game’s immersive world and evoking a sense of nostalgia. It is a testament to your dedication as a Final Fantasy fan and a remarkable addition to any collection. Please note that this ring is no longer in production, making it an even more sought-after and rare piece among collectors.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Final Fantasy history. Secure your place in Final Fortunes and add the Final Fantasy XI 925 Silver Ring Limited Edition San d’Orian to your collection today!



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