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Final Fantasy VII 7 COLD CAST STATUE CLOUD 1/8 MODEL 1ST EDITION 1997 *Damaged*

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For auction with Final Fortunes we have a ULTRA rare Final Fantasy VII Cloud 1/8 Cold Cast Model 1st Edition Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona from 1997. This statue is the original OG. Cloud is sitting on Hardy Daytona holding his buster sword! The always make us think of the cut scene when escaping Shinra headquarters. What a great moment!

Also note, you may see some other Cloud and Hardy Daytona Statues available that are “series 2” models created by Kotobukiya, which look similar but are actually different. This one we are selling is the original 1997 Limited edition, not the new 2004 version, making it that much rarer and highly sought after. It was the original statue released when the game first came out in 1997. Since Final Fantasy VII was such a success, and actually in the top PlayStation “Greatest hits”! Square actually made another set in production referred to as “Series No. 2” by Kotobukiya made in 2004. Following that there have been numerous productions with Plays Art in larger quantities. However again this statue we have for sale is the original statue that was released when the game was created.

Regarding the statues condition. It does have quite a bit of wear but it does not affect the statues overall appearance. We see some chips, scuffs, scratches, and couple noticeable breaks, two on clouds hair, please see attached photos. There is also some wear on his hand and the sword. However the damage is smaller and again the overall appearance of the statue is pretty good. We have also reduced the price accordingly to reflect its current condition and the fact that it is only the statue, no box or paperwork is included. Please refrain from bidding if you are nervous or looking for a complete or near mint condition statue. By bidding on this listing you are acknowledging that this statue is being sold as is, used and damaged. The listed photos are the final judgment of its condition. This is a great opportunity to get this statue at a fraction of it’s price! Thank you for viewing our listing.

As with all of our pieces that are limited edition and numbered; We have blurred out the edition number for security purposes. Thank you for checking out our listing.


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